Saturday, May 2, 2009

Species Of Dragon #4 (Royalic)

Royalic Dragons:
The most important species of dragon in the world of Tarterrior, Royalic dragons are distinct in appearance and capability. Ranging from anywhere between nine and ten and a half feet tall and weighing from anywhere between 300 to 390 pounds, Royalic dragons are strong in build and mind. Multicolored as they are, Royalic dragons all have a base skin color of white and are decorated with different colored "tattoos", or markings, over their body. The markings are usually delicate and intricate, but have been known to be bold and blatant as well. Royalic dragons are the most diverse of the dragon species, as some of them may or may not possess wings and back spines. Usually there is a difference in the male and female body build--the females tend to be smaller and possess no back spines, but they usually boast more intricate tattoos than the males. The males often have deadly hooked claws, a set of razor teeth, tails built for attack, and a jagged spike on the fold of their wing (along with the standard crest of back spines). Royalic dragons are direct descendants of the early rulers of Tarterrior and are marked by their bright white skin. Limited in number, Royalic dragons congregate around Tarterrior's capitol in Solazmendor and are either heirs to the Tarterrior throne, or servants to the throne. Their ability to harness such powers as fire, ice, wind, electricity, paralysis needles, hypnotic powers, heat waves, pulse waves, light energy, and water give them a huge and diverse range of abilities. The female of the Royalic species, although not equipped with as much power, have been known to carry deadly poison within the tips of their weapon-tipped tails. Although the Royalic dragons are limited in number, they are extremely detrimental to the goings-on in Tarterrior. Without their direct bloodline from the earliest of the rulers of Tarterrior the world would be left in chaos, for the ancient law that binds Tarterrior together requires their lineage. Royalic dragons have been known to have many mixed bloodlines that can be traced to other species, causing many of the dragons to be half Royalic, and half another type of species. In the genetic strand, it is usually the Royalic gene that dominates, causing the resulting dragon to bear white skin. Some Royalic dragons of significant importance include:

Alsenoth Ongeller

Kala Roote

Chi-Chi MkHitton (Half Royalic, half Sapphirical)

Regalon Reave (Half Royalic, half Creerish)

Kara Roote

Kestus Vertin (Half Royalic, half Flankerian)

General Seth Raitchin

Marion Milswin

Serenity Restrin (Half Royalic, half Flankerian)

Collette Ongeller

Trill Wenwott (Half Royalic, half Sapphirical)

Tathka Roote (Half Royalic, half Redlin)

King Mastik Sunmoss

Let me know if you have any questions about this particular species of dragon. Thanks!

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