Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Species Of Dragon #7 (Trentic)

So this marks the last of the seven main species of dragon. After this, I will be posting the sub-species for my viewer's knowledge. Enjoy!

Trentic Dragons:
Found within the world of Tarterrior, but not found on the continent of Tarterrior, Trentic dragons make their home in their native country of Trentar. Usually brown, gold, yellow, dark green, or olive in color Trentic dragons are known for their height, intellect, and cunning battle tactics. Ranging from ten to eleven and a half feet tall, and weighing between 385 to 425 pounds, Trentic dragons appear to be massive in comparison with the other species of dragon. However most Trentic dragons are leanly built, and fail to be bulky in appearance. Able to run at high speeds, and hear with unmatched precision, Trentic dragons are decorated with two sets of razor teeth, one to four sets of sharp back spines, horribly hooked talons, and curved spines at the fold of their wing, Trentic dragons are known for their unique design in their tails. Many are built as a perfect weapon and, compared to the other species, are odd in shape. Other than their tails, Trentic dragons bear host to the power of fire, heat waves, water, vines, pulse waves, energy beams, black ice, poison, venom, paralysis, hypnosis, and even wind. Trentic dragons are the most diverse in their appearance, as their genetic code does not stay to one known structure. There are often Trentic dragons whose appearance does not match the above descriptions, and whose shape and size may entirely be different. Know Trentic dragons of importance include:

Rajax Lacklottle

Biglam Lachezer

Halsim Valtor

Maddix Balfavor

Hax Lachezer

Terth Vetrid

Obadai Gureth

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

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