Monday, May 4, 2009

Species Of Dragon #6 (Redlin)

Redlin Dragons:
Redlin dragons are close relatives to Sapphirical dragons. One of the only two species of dragon known to be able to grow hair and fur, Redlin dragons make their home in the upper north of Tarterrior in Aradonta. Making their home in the Red Forest, where they get their name, the Redlin species have been known to have an amazing intellect in almost everything. Ranging from nine and a half to eleven feet tall and weighing between 380 to 400 pounds, Redlin dragon's strategic and uncanny minds help them to better their opponents in battle. Bearing one to two sets of teeth, one to three sets of back spines, heavy tails, multiple tattoos (especially around the eyes), and usually a large crown of spines on their head, the Redlin species is able to survive alone in the wilderness for long spans of time. Able to emit such energies as fire, heat waves, black flame, electricity, paralysis needles, hypnosis, dark energy, water, pulse waves, and shock waves, Redlin dragons are lethally equipped for battle. Known for their incredible craft in metal, many ancient and magical weapons have been found that can easily be traced back to the craftsmanship of the ancient Redlin dragons. Some Redlin dragons of significance include:

Swesh Mastalla

Indigo Ravvendin

Astrin Ravvendin

Gorgill Vespar

Tathka Roote (Half Redlin, half Royalic)

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