Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diseases And Disorders #9 (Balligra)

Balligra is a disease that spreads throughout the bones and causes them to be more dense. This creates a problem in particular for Sorgonic dragons, as most of their time is spent underwater. However the other species are able to cope with it well, the only set back being not able to reach high speeds or altitudes while flying. Balligra is uncommon, but not rare and is genetic in origin. Most dragons who have Balligra do not even know of it until they are actually diagnosed. Known dragons of importance who have been diagnosed with Balligra include:

Biglam Lachezer (Ironically enough)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Kim said...

Why is it ironic that Biglam Lachezer has this disease?

Adam Gonzales said...

Biglam Lachezer is the Stimdart of Water, meaning he has complete control over the water elements in given situations. This makes him able to control the density of water, as well as making him the world's fastest swimmer. The Master Ability for the Stimdart of Water, or the Stimdart of Water's special ability, is to run at superhuman speeds. Both of these abilities should NOT be able to be achieved given the circumstances of his disease, but he is able to do them nontheless.

Sheri said...

How in the world do you think of these things? Seriously.