Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diseases and Disorders #2 (Dementia)

Dementia is a disease that is a result of too much genetic makeup in the cerebrum section of the brain. Dementia creates a strong bond and link with the first major emotional trauma or release of endorphins that occurs in the cerebrum and causes the carrier to be emotionally fixed and obsessed with one person or idea. Because Dementia only presents itself when the genetic makeup of the cerebrum is altered, it is most commonly found in dragons who are known to have Duplex Syndrome. The over compensation for lost genetic tissue for those who have Duplex Syndrome often creates an overage in the cerebrum that results in Dementia. Dementia is only curable when the carrier obtains that goal that has been fixated in their mind. This causes the genetic strand of Dementia to result in an over exertion and eventual deterioration caused by a massive release of endorphins linked to the fixated memory. Known dragons of importance who have been diagnosed with Dementia include:

Alsenoth Ongeller (Semi-Dementia fixation on Kala Roote-a result of becoming infatuated with her as a child)

Indigo Ravvendin (Dementia fixation on suicide-a result of a near death experience as a child)

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Kiki said...

i studied about the cerubrum cortex in 4th grade Target....but i forgot what it means. What part of the body does it control?

Adam Gonzales said...

The memory, for the most part.

Kiki said...

ahh, i see. it makes more sense. haha

Kim said...

Seriously, I would love to spend just one day in your head.