Sunday, May 10, 2009

Diseases and Disorders #3 (Symphonica)

Symphonica should not be classified as a disease, but rather a disorder. In this rare case, the disorder does not degrade the carrier in any way, but rather amplifies their abilities. Symphonica occurs in early childhood, especially when the dragon was deaf in their infancy. It is a disorder within the ear canal that causes the carrier to become extremely perceptive to sound and or music. The carrier is able to do different things depending on the type of Symphonica. Symphonica Lyris has to do strictly with amplified senses that involve music. Symphonica Echnis involves strictly general sound perception. Finally there is Symphonica Versilis which is a mix of both types of Symphonica. The carrier can find perfect understanding of both pitch and harmony, perceive depth and feel slight vibrations, or do both depending on the strand of Symphonica. Known dragons of importance who have been diagnosed with Symphonica include:

Rajax Lacklottle (Symphonica Echnis/ Stimdart of Sound/ NOT deaf at birth)

Kala Roote (Symphonica Lyris/ Deaf at birth)

Let me know if you have questions! Thanks!


Kiki said...

so this disorder would actually be a good thing if i were a deaf dragon?

Adam Gonzales said...

No. That's not what I meant. I meant that those who HAVE Symphonica are USUALLY born deaf at their time of birth.

Kim said...

So, they overcome the deafness and then their hearing becomes acute? I like that.

Adam Gonzales said...

Yup! Yup yup!