Friday, May 8, 2009

Diseases and Disorders #1 (Duplex Syndrome)

SO this is the first of my "Diseases and Disorders" posts. Basically this is going to help you know about the things that cause harm in Tarterrior to dragons and what not. So here's the first one. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Duplex Syndrome:
Duplex syndrome is a genetic birth defect that happens when the baby dragon is conceived. The genetic tissue is harmed and tries to rapidly reinforce itself, causing an over abundance in the genetic DNA makeup. Because of this, the dragon is born with an overage of either limbs or organs. Although Duplex Syndrome is quite harmless, many who have been known to receive it have also been diagnosed with Dementia, a disease where the carrier becomes overly obsessed with a certain person or idea. The syndrome is quite rare, and usually occurs when giving birth to twins. However, there have been some cases of single birthed dragons who have Duplex Syndrome. Known dragons diagnosed with Duplex Syndrome include:

Regalon Reave (4 wings)

Indigo Ravvendin (4 eyes, 2 hearts, split tail/ TWIN to Astrin Ravvendin/ Carrier of Dementia)

Astrin Ravvendin (2 brains, 2 tongues/ TWIN to Inidgo Ravvendin)


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