Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Species Of Dragon #8 (Sorgonic)

This marks the first entry of the subspecies of dragon, so here it is!

Sorgonic Dragons:
Sorgonic dragons are a branch of Dryskinic dragons. Making their home in the underwater city of Sorgon, Sorgonic dragons are built for deep sea living. Rather than having sharp back spines and head crests like the other species of dragon, Sorgonic dragons instead have slender tentacle like tendrils that protrude out of their backs and heads. Their tails, similar to Dryskinic tails, are not built as a weapon but rather a sort of fin to help better propel their bodies through water. Although their wings are stronger than any of the other species, they are not built for flying, but for swimming. An average Sorgonic dragon is able to keep its body aloft for just over two hours compared to the normal six to seven. Built at an average of ten to eleven feet tall, and 360 to 390 pounds, Sorgonic dragon's slender and elongated bodies help to better them in their swimming. Able to project water, wind, pulse waves, hypnosis, paralysis, and confusion, Sorgonic dragons are the most limited in their attack patterns. Usually green, blue, purple, white, teal, yellow, or maroon in color, Sorgonic dragons are among the most rare species to actually see while visiting Tarterrior. Known Sorgonic dragons of importance include:

Malamax Yevyir

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!


Kiki said...

this is one of my favorite species! i love the water, and dragons that are slender and simple are in my opinio, better then the giant steamy bulky dragons.

where to Sorgonic dragons sleep in, coral structures or sea caves?

Adam Gonzales said...

Neither. The city is underwater, but the ACTUAL living space is inside a sort of glass dome, so there is air. Sorgonic dragons CANNOT breath underwater, they are just able to hold their breath much longer than any other species. Also check out my older posts (there more species that I posted about).