Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diseases And Disorders #7 (Blastika)

Blastika is a disorder that occurs within the brain and causes the carrier to have enhanced perception and intellectual understanding. The carrier is able to carry a vast amount of intellectual power and they are extremely logical in their perceptions. The disorder does not damage the brain in any way, and it is up to the carrier how information is perceived. One of the rarest of disorders, Blastika does not cause any harm to its carrier whatsoever. Known dragons of importance who have been diagnosed with Blastika include:

Wreaknatter Drudlok (500 I.Q. in a scale of 500)

Alsenoth Ongeller (520 I.Q. in a scale of 500)

Halsim Valtor (510 I.Q. in a scale of 500)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Kim said...

Maybe you have this one. That's how you can write so well.

How can you have a 520 I.Q. on a scale of 500?

Adam Gonzales said...

His brain capacity is off the charts. It is as if he has almost no limits. He can hold 4% more information in his brain than any other recorded dragon. Hence the 520 I.Q.