Thursday, May 7, 2009

Species Of Dragon #9 (Creerish)

By far the most rare species of dragon, and a sub-species of the Flankerian dragon, Creerish dragons are almost a direct lineage from the ancient Creerian race. Rather than having leathery wings and skin like the other species of dragon, Creerish dragons boast beautiful feathered wings and actual visible scales for skin. There arms are longer than mosts dragons and their three talons are dangerously large and thick. Creerish dragons do not wield weapon tails, and their snouts are curved into a beak shape. Their large eyes give them an eerie look, and if it were not for the fact that they have the ability to breath fire, some would mistake them for the actual ancient Creerians. Ranging from ten to eleven feet tall (unlike their Flankerian brethren), and weighing between 390 to 415 pounds, Creerish dragons possess the powers of fire, paralysis, confusion, tremor, and screech. Their limited abilities are made up for in their wicked speed and strength. Not much more is known about the Creerish race, as there has almost been no sightings of them in Tarterrior. Known Creerish dragons of importance include:

Regalon Reave (Half Creerish, half Royalic)

[SPECULATED] Kestus Vertin (KNOWN AS: Half Flankerian, half Royalic)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Kiki said...

wow. your so good at descibing, i can picture the dragon right now.

How do the Creerish dragons apply paralysis and confusion to their victims? breath mist? fire? glare 'em in the eye?

Adam Gonzales said...

Paralysis is through darts that they shoot out of their mouths, confusion is through their eyes.

Kiki said...

ahh, i see