Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diseases And Disorders #5 (Moltima Viriscus)

Moltima Viriscus:
Moltima Viriscus is a severe disease that causes rapid deterioration in the skin cells. Usually found on the face of the carrier, it results in sagging and peeling skin. There have been incidents where the carrier has been known to lose their eyes due to the focus on the ocular area. The skin quickly melts away peels at the slightest touch. Usually starting with a severe rash, Moltima Viriscus is not easily spread. It is known to only be transmitted through constant contact with other carriers. Although Moltima Viriscus is extremely dangerous, it can be averted by using a mix of Firethorn berries and Saltwater Sap. Because of the rareness of Saltwater Sap, Moltima Viriscus has often been treated by death or quarantine in order to prevent further spread. However, there have been known subjects who carry Moltima Viriscus along with Cellic Regneva, a disease that causes extreme rapid cell regeneration. Although it is just as dangerous as Moltima Viriscus, Cellic Regneva can help to counter the effects of Moltima Viriscus when the carrier has been diagnosed with both diseases. Known dragons of importance who have been diagnosed with Moltima Viriscus include:

Halsim Valtor (Also diagnosed with Cellic Regneva)

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