Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update #10

So in the past couple of days, I have been posting like a mad man deprived of any fun. Clips and pieces of chapters being posted. Notes about music. Character personality quizzes. Even dedications. And not once have I really updated on how far along I am in the first book. Somewhat sad to say, I am only about 80 handwritten pages into the book, 70 typed. However, I have detailed scene-by-scene notes on the plot, and know EXACTLY how everything unfolds in the book. I hope to be able to finish (if I crack down) by either the summer or the end of this year, time permitting. Keep your fingers crossed people! Thanks!

1 comment:

Kiki said...

wow. I would never follow my outlines and make up stuff as I go.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your book to be done sooner