Friday, January 2, 2009

Questions? #2

It would really help me to know what questions people have about the book so far so that I may further edit my story to fit people's understanding. It all make sense in MY head, but.... Just ask ANY questions. General ones, specific to the book itself, about characters, anything! Just remember some of them I may not be able to answer for secrecy purposes. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Who is the book's main antagonist? I'm kind of confused. Is it Sketh, or Greilner? Or even Zakathura?

Adam Gonzales said...

Ah! A question I have been hoping someone would ask! From the beginning of the book I wanted to make it seem like the villain was Greilner Drudlok, but in fact it is his son Wreaknatter Drudlok. He is the dragon on my profile picture. Anyway, if I was to choose anyone else to be my main villain it would most definitley have to be Sketh Meldwater. He is just so perfectly devious...and creepy.