Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another AWESOME Quiz (Which Character Are YOU)?

I have posted another quiz. This quiz lets you know which character you are most like from the book. Be warned, there are mentions of characters that haven't appeared yet. Enjoy, and let me know the result that you got!


Kim said...

It was a hard quiz because on some of the questions, I could have chosen more than one answer to represent me, and on at least one question, I felt like none of the answers represented me, but I always picked the one I thought BEST represented me.

I was Swesh Mastalla.

I'm not familiar with that character yet.

It was fun. I like taking the quizes.

Adam Gonzales said...

I took this test a couple of times, and got different results by barely adjusting my answers. I went from Swesh Mastalla, to Trill Wenwott, to Wreaknatter Drudlok (I THINK I might have gotten Forde at one point while testing the quiz to see if it worked). I'm hoping that when people take it that they will re-take it and get a character that they don't know yet so that they can be eager to meet that character in the book's future.

Adam Gonzales said...

Oh yeah! Swesh is the ONLY girl in the quiz, by the way. What do you know, me getting a girl.... Whatever.

Adam Gonzales said...

Have Joseph take the quiz too and post his results on here! OH! And follow my blog, please!