Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Book's Cover Art

I am currently in the process of drawing the cover art for the first book. I am trying to keep it as simple as possible, but feel that the background needs to be something catching and relevant. So, I am battling between the two ideas of having that background either the Carthraith Deed, or Carthraith Castle itself. Doing the Carthraith Deed would prove difficult given that it is written in a foreign language, but would open up numerous artistic windows for border art and the like.
I feel that Carthraith Castle as a background would just be too overwhelming for the eye, but I still like the idea. Maybe the background will be just shadowy pictures of Forde, Mordin, Trill, Keller, and Lech. I dunno yet. What I do know, however, is that the main focus will be the large picture of Wreaknatter Drudlok in the center. I have already drawn that part. He has his back to the audience, but his head curves so that you can see it at profile. Also a stream of green fire is pillowing out of his hand (you'll learn why when you get deeper into the book) and the top of the page in decorative lettering is obviously the title. I will be posting the image soon, so keep checking back!


Kiki said...

the dragon you drew is standing up like a person, I always thought they crawled on all fours :). I love it though, its a great sketch

Adam Gonzales said...

In my book, dragons are VERY humanoid. It's mentioned in the first chapter that crawling on all fours is weird and unheard of.