Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Book Cover Art #2

And so here is what I have SO far. I need to color, detail, and more art, etc. (believe me, I know). But how is it so far, eh? Pretty good? Well I love it; drawing Wreaknatter is always difficult because I have this perfect image in my head of who he is, so this took a lot of time and effort. The end of the title got cut off, and the picture appears a bit light for whatever reason, but I did the best that I could. Let me know what you think! ALSO: As a side note, the final product WILL be done professionally; this is JUST A SKETCH!


Kim said...

I used this picture on my blog. I wrote about your book series. Check it out.

I know you've been working on outlines, but have you written any more chapters?

Kiki said...

wow, thats a really cool picture.

Adam Gonzales said...

Thanks. I'm in the process of cloring it via Paint.