Thursday, April 30, 2009

Species Of Dragon #1 (Dryskinic)

So here is my first post on the different types of dragon species.

Dryskinic Dragons:
The Dryskinic dragon is one of the two most common types of dragon species found in Tarterrior. Boasting one pair of wings, curved claws, jagged teeth, a long tail, and a row of spikes across its back, the Dryskinic dragon's closest relative is the Phoenical dragon. Dryskinic dragons are often bland in color--ranging from one to three different hues at the most. They bear no colorful tattoos or intricate markings along their body, and they often have a white stomach to help blend into the sky to those below while flying. Dryskinic dragons tend to have a rounded off snout, unlike their Phoenical cousins whose snout and face are sharp and pointed. Dryskinic dragons are plain in appearance, having no more than one set of teeth and back spines. Their tails, unlike other species, are used to help aid them in flying, swimming, and running, rather than attacking and defending. The second oldest species of dragon, Dryskinic dragons are knowledgeable in methods of using their surrounding terrain, as well as finding a perfect defensive resting spot for a home. Because of their simple nature, Dryskinic dragons do not possess any extreme methods of attack and are thus limited to such forms of energy as: fire, pulse waves, heat waves, paralysis needles, and hypnotic abilities. Dryskinic dragons also tend to be somewhat taller in height, while remaining lean, ranging from ten to eleven feet and weighing between 380 to 400 pounds. Some Dryskinic dragons of significant importance include:

Greilner Drudlok


Lord Handonna Conquet

If you have any comments or questions on this particular species of dragon, please let me know. Thanks!


Kim said...

Ok, so have you done research on dragons, or is this all coming out of your imagination?

I am super impressed.

Adam Gonzales said...

Imagination. Definitely. I HATE what other people think dragons are like, so I'm setting them straight.