Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Origin Of Dragons

So, I am not sure how much people understand the characters in my book. Yes, they are dragons, but they are not your stereotypical kind of dragons. Dragons did not start off as gigantic mindless beasts of terror--in fact they started off quite the opposite. Dragons are in fact an intelligent type of creature that vary in species and size. Ranging from nine to eleven feet, dragons have the ability to project energies that may or may not include ice, fire, heat waves, paralysis needles, pulse waves, electricity, earth, hypnosis, poison, as well as other types of defensive and offensive qualities. Dragons are known as one of the only sentient beings within the world of Tarterrior, and are the most prominent as well. The species of dragon varies between the following types:


There are also other lesser types that include:


Dragons are very different then what we perceive them to be. Our limited scope of their world has caused confusion on what they really are. I will be posting descriptions of each one of the species so that my readers may better understand each character within my book. Enjoy!


Tim said...

Good Post - It will be nice to learn a little more background

Kim said...

I'm glad you added that last paragraph because I was going to ask what the difference was in the types of dragons.

I will be waiting for the descriptions.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I want you to finish the book?

And, I want to see the picture of Taylor Kitsch - why are you holding out on me? Also, Joe wants to know if you got a photo of Hugh Jackman.

Also, this is long, maybe I should just call you.