Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Perfect Song

So, uh, condemn me if you must for being sentimental, but I have added a song to my playlist. Adding this song to my playlist completes my list of my three favorite songs. "The Call", "Signal Fire", and "Run" all are very dear to me: they remind of of my best friend. She has gotten me through a lot, and this book would not be possible without her encouragement. So listen to these songs on my playlist (found at the bottom of the page). They are beautiful and perfect in every sense of the word. I also love the songs "Us", and "Real Love" which are both on my playlist. I know that these songs are lyrical, but they REALLY pertain to the books (especially books five and six). Thanks! And thank you, best friend.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I'd never hear that song "The Call" before. I really liked it. I also love "Signal Fire" and "Run" - both really great.

Joseph was super happy to see the Space Mountain song on your playlist.