Monday, February 9, 2009


Oh, I have gone through great effort in thinking my book through. I have written music for many of the scenes, and even gone so far as to create an imaginary cast list if the books ever became movies. For my reader's benefit and understanding of some of the characters, I will post a CONDENSED list of people who I would LIKE to play certain characters. I would like to say, however, that this is not necessarily the final copy. It is subject to change.


Wreaknatter Fen Drudlok: IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I would like to play him.

FIRST BOOK (Tarterrior: The Rise of the Sixth Kingdom):

Forde Larle Barrick: Alan Tudyk

Trill Berrith Wenwott: Joshua Jackson

Swesh Mastalla: Kari Whalgren

Fallick Ragrock: Kevin Durand

FIFTH BOOK (Bleeding Sun):

Alsenoth Terris Ongeller: IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, I would like to play him (regardless I want Alsenoth and Wreaknatter to be played by the same person, just using different voices)

Kala Bae Roote: Regina Spektor (sings many of the songs on the playlist at the bottom of the page; that's why I put her songs on the playlist)/Or I'd like the person who she was really based off of to play her; if she is at all willing

Kara Celle Roote: Summer Glau

Markus Boon Lumengar: Zachary Quinto

Let me know what you think of these choices (Kala, Alsenoth, Forde, and Trill in particular). Thanks!


Kiki said...

WOW, making a movie!!! Thats biggg! How are you gonna make the animation?

Life as We Knew it is way much better. You'll understand more if you read that first.

Adam Gonzales said...

It's just a dream. But the books were made to be made into movies. Think of it this way: I'm watching a movie in my head and writing it down as a book; it's only natural that it someday be presented to everyone the way it was orignally presented to me. I'd want real on location scenes, but CGI animation. Or maybe just an animated movie. I don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

hmmm funny...

Kala Roote.... that name sounds familiar

well i guess since she is the love interest for Alsenoth..which is you, it would only be appropriate that it would be KAITLIN BOOTH, really dude, disguise better, AND GET OVER IT