Monday, February 9, 2009

Based On Real Life

So in case you haven't gotten it already, I base many of my characters off of real life people. For example, Alsenoth Ongeller and Wreaknatter Drudlok are both representations of myself (obviously Wreaknatter being an extreme). The whole plot of the series revolves around Markus, Alsenoth, Wreaknatter, and Kala. Wreaknatter represents my past self and the way I was before meeting my best friend. Markus represents my transition from being Wreaknatter to becoming Alsenoth, and Alsenoth represents my coming to realization that there is something worth living for. Alsenoth's personality is very internal because he is trying to overcome flashes of his past that haunt him, but Kala is there to encourage him to blot them out of his mind. In this sense Alsenoth is an extremely troubled character, but there are definite flashes were he is courageous, strong, and fearless. I use him as a metaphor for the moon, and Kala a metaphor for the sun. This is due to the fact that whatever greatness Alsenoth shows is only there because of Kala. In the same sense, whatever light the moon gives off at night is only a reflection of the sun's own light. That is the connection that Alsenoth shares with Kala. Just thought my readers would want a little more insight into where I get my ideas from. Hope you enjoy! Thank you, best friend!

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Kim said...

When I was reading the part about Alsenoth and and Kala, I was wondering if Alsenoth was based on you. I thought it might be.

I didn't know that Wreaknatter and Markus were too. If find this very interesting. I think it's neat to do that. It will give your readers some insight about who you are. Very good.