Thursday, March 26, 2009

Names Of Characters

Alright, I have decided to do a somewhat different post. I have decided to post the names of many of my characters under each book that they appear in, respectively. This is being done because of the interest that many of my reader's have shown towards my characters and their names. If you have questions on specific character names (such as where they came from and whatnot), just let me know! I'm am starting THIS post with just the characters from the First Book! So here they are!

FIRST BOOK (Tarterrior: The Rise of the Sixth Kingdom):

Wreaknatter Fen Drudlok

Forde Larle Barrick

Mordin Anticore Grimsparr

Trill Berrith Wenwott

Sketh Rathl Meldwater


Keller Dedwin Scottloch

Greilner Grath Drudlok

Andonta Barstick Wenwott

Zech Slau Grimsparr

Griff Sphyx Grimsparr

King Zaliff Sol Lebetto

Swesh Yeli Mastalla

Handonna Tark Conquet

Dorgon Kchae Pelfedder

Grral Defdare Vaskin

Riggand Barsil Tellsor

Gorgill Ryth Vespar

Zakathura Qual Alzim

Fallick Jorfin Ragrock

Arkile Fergin Palstafax


Kim said...

I'm really liking the name Andonta. How did you come up with that one, and does it mean anything?

Adam Gonzales said...

Andonta, father of Trill and heir to the kingdom of Maranor, came to me very easily. It sounded like an intelligent name, and Andonta is an extremely intelligent character. Andonta comes from the word anodynia which means "the absence of pain". You find out in the book that even though Andonta is royalty, he is hated by the other heirs to the other kingdoms despite his calm and nice demeanor. Andonta started a war long before the book takes place that resulted in the death of his best friend. Andonta had his reasons, and thus does not care what other people think about him. Thus, he ignores the pain and insults that others inflict upon him.

Kim said...

How did you come up with Lech and why doesn't he have a full name?

Adam Gonzales said...

Lech is a Flanker. Flankers usually grow without any name at all because they are not generally a sentient species. The Flankers incubate their eggs facing the Western sun to speed up the incubating process, but Lech was incubated "incorrectly" for a Flanker. He was warmed by the Eastern sun and was thus incubated at a slower rate, causing his brain cells to over develop for a Flanker. He was born with the ability to learn speech and was born without parents (he had been abandoned because he took too long to hatch).