Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Roots (Part One)

The world of Tarterrior comes from many ideas and thoughts, many of which are from the English language itself. The "Roots" posts will show where some of the ideas, names, and species came from. Many of the story's characters, items, and ideas reflect their origin of word. Enjoy!

Terra [Tarterrior]: Land, or earth. Commonly associated with mountains.

Rio [Tarterrior]: Spanish for "river". Commonly associated with water in general.

Cathari [Carthraith]: A member of a Christian sect which professed dualistic belief that emphasized ascetic renunciation of the world. Condemned by the Church. Commonly associated with the word "heretic".

Bar [Forde Barrick, Flare Barrick]: To keep secretive and closed off. A way to prevent something unwanted from happening.

Grim [Mordin Grimsparr, Griff Grimsparr, Zech Grimsparr]: A sign of death or loss. A sinister omen of Mal-intent. Often associated with the Reaper.

Flank [Flankers]: To strategically outmaneuver an enemy in battle by stalking them from behind until the time is right.

Liberty [Zaliff Lebetto]: To be free to make one's own decisions.

Wen~Ti [Andonta Wenwott, Trill Wenwott]: The Chinese God of literature. Mainly associated with knowledge and intelligence.

Druid [Wreaknatter Drudlok, Greilner Drudlok]: A Celtic priest or sorcerer associated with the black arts.

Anodynia [Andonta]: The absence of pain.

Mend [Solazmendor]: To heal or fix something that has been broken. To repair over time.

Solace [Solazmendor]: A place of peace and rest. A place where one can heal and relax. Often associated with being quiet or calm.

Queztalcoatl [Quetzal]: A God of the Toltecs and Aztecs, 1578, one of the manifestations of the Sun God Tezcatlipoca and represented as a plumed serpent. Sometimes--but rarely--represented as a bearded man.

Griffin [Griff]: A mythological beast; its head composed of an eagle (as well as its wings), and its body composed of a lion. It is often associated with something magnificent yet extremely powerful.

Zechariah [Zech]: An Old Testament prophet who returned from exile. He was stoned and killed "in the court of the house of the Lord" while performing the will of God. A martyr.

Scout [Sketh]: To examine, seek, search, hunt, inspect for the purpose of obtaining information; reconnoiter. To observe. Also, another meaning defines the word as dismissive; to treat with scorn, to scoff, to deride, to reject with disdain. A spy.

Ferde [Forde]: A Hungarian word which means "from or to the side"; not straight or symmetrical. Not directly.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This much thought goes into just the names? That's awesome! I bet that takes a lot of work!

Adam Gonzales said...

Well, I will admit that not ALL of the names are completely thought out like that. Most of them just happen to be perfect coincidences. But there are a few that took time in finding the perfect name, which is odd seeing as I mostly put sounds together to make a name. I just imagine what the character looks like and figure out if they are a "soft-name", a "hard-name", a "gruff-name", or a "sly-name" character. That might not make sense, but it does in my head.